Runestrike CCG Beginners Guide (Tips and Tricks)

Hey gamers, today I bring you this Runestrike CCG beginners guide. It was originally published by u/Drakon99989 on Reddit. I see a lot of new players struggling with what to do when they are first starting out. The general progression strategy gives some basic direction to new players but doesn’t explain the clear cut goal.

This step-by-step Runestrike CCG beginners guide will be a walk-through that highlights what I believe to be the best path for understanding the game. The guide will also go a little more in-depth with some basics to set new players up for long term success.

Without further ado, let us get started with the Runestrike CCG beginners guide and Runestrike CCG Tips and Tricks 2021.

Runestrike CCG beginners guide

Runestrike CCG Beginners Guide

This Runestrike Beginners guide starts with the basics of the Runestrike CCG game. As we read on the guide gets a bit more advanced.

What is Runestrike CCG?

Runestrike is a CCG(collectable card game) on Runestrike. You can build Decks of different Champions and Realms with your card collection. After that you can fight against friends, PvP online or versus the IA on the Arena or Campaigns.

What is a Deck?

A Deck is a number of synergy cards built to play On Any CCG.

How many cards have a deck on Runestrike?

Every Deck must Have 24 Cards to be playable no more no less. Also, you can make any combination of minions and spells of your chosen Champion realms cards+neutral realms card to build any deck. You can put 2 copies of the same cards on one deck except for legendary cards you can only have one of these.

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What is a realm?

There exist six realms on Runestrike + A neutral Realm

  • Order ( Order have the Soldiers of justice and his speciality are the protection of the shield)
  • Chaos (Chaos are the forces of fire and destruction)
  • Nature (Nature is the realm of Healing)
  • Myth (Myth is the realm of Wizards and spells)
  • Light ( Light is the realm of reincarnation )
  • Shadow (Shadow are the Dark armies of undead and demons)
  • Neutral (is non-specific realm cards. Each card has its own realm except the neutral cards and each Champion have two different realms.)

What is a Champion?

The Champions are the first thing you need to see to build a deck. Basically, a Champion is your player having special abilities for every duel. When your champions life comes to zero you lose and the same for the opponent.

How do Champions Abilities work?

Every Champion has three Blood abilities with different cost. Your Champion starts with one ability and when you level up the Champion you unlock the other two as well.

How can I level up my Champion?

Every Champion has 10 levels you start at level 1 and with his first ability unlocked. So, whenever you win a match versus any IA or PVP you earn exp and for every level you up, you got a reward. You can see the rewards on the collection button beside the XP bar on the reward button.

What are the Campaigns?

Campaigns are a playable history of Runestrike. There you can fight against IA decks on three different difficulties and get some cool rewards.

What is a Card Pack?

According to this Renestrike CCG beginners guide, there are three kinds of packs available in the game.

  • The normal packs (brown ones)  could contain every card in the game except the season’s cards and cards only unlocked after level up Champions or in Campaigns.
  • The realms packs (the colour depending on the realm type) those packs are of a specific realm and just drop cards of that realm.
  • The Seasons Pack – and it contains the new cards of each season ( those have a new design on each new season).

When you open a pack that give you six cards and at least one warranted rare. Every card has a probability to appear on a pack based on its rarity. When you open a pack and give you a card if you already have all copy’s of that card automatically becomes in essence.

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