Random Dice Tier List – Tips and Guide

Random Dice is finally gaining the momentum globally. Here I will show you, Random Dice Tier List was originally posted by u/MindSettOnWinning on Reddit. Furthermore,  I have also added some special guides, tips and tricks in the tier list which are the most effective way to start off your journey in Random Dice game.

With some help from our Random Dice Tier List, you will soon know exactly what to use in every situation. It’s worth noting that rankings and abilities are likely to change frequently with any balance updates. So make sure you check back here frequently to stay in the loop.

Without any further delay, let’s get into our Random Dice Tier List.

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Random Dice Tier List For the First Anniversary Patch

Dice missing from this tier list are Star, Time, Flame, 1st Anniversary. (Because the tier maker didn’t have them) Star – UsableTime – UsableFlame – Off-Meta1st Anniversary – Off-Meta (Farming gold only, duh)

Notable changes are Poison nerf (no longer ‘usable’), Gun Buff, Atomic Buff, Combo dice fix, Holy sword buff (Some think it’s meta now, but I personally don’t agree.)

Random Dice Tier List

**Meta PvP:**10/10 Atomicphoon – Growth, Joker, Atomic, Typhoon, Blizzard

9.5/10 Soltomic – Growth, Joker, Atomic, Solar, Blizzard

9/10 Atomic Theory – Growth, Joker, Atomic, M. Electric, Blizzard

8.75/10 Assphoon – Assassin, Typhoon, Growth, Joker, Sacrifice

8.75/10 Hellphoon – Typhoon, Hell, Sandswamp/Blizzard, Joker, Growth

8.75/10 Thorn variants – Growth, Joker, Thorn, Blizzard/Sacrifice (Only use sacrifice if you don’t have blizzard), Typhoon/Iron (Use Typhoon only if above 550 crit)

8.25.10 Melectric – Growth, Joker, M. Electric, Sacrifice/Flow, Lunar/Crit

8/10 Combo Dice Variants – Growth, Joker, Combo, Lunar/Crit, Mimic

666/10 Hyper Sin – Assassin, Summon, Mimic, Sacrifice, Joker

No Legendary – Thorn, Iron, Sacrifice, M. Wind, Poison

New Player/10 Gears – Gear, Growth/Supplement/Sacrifice, Summon/Mimic, Metastasis/Switch, Ice

Meta PvE: Combo Variants –

Growth, Joker, Mimic, Critical/Lunar/Metastasis, Combo

Summon, Joker, Mimic, Metastasis, Combo

Metatomic – Growth/Summon, Joker, Atomic, Ice/Mimic, Metastasis

Metastasis Spam – Growth, Joker, Mimic, Metastasis, Crack/Ice

Solar – Solar, Light, Switch, Joker, Supplement

Timephoon – Time, Supplement, Typhoon, Joker, Sacrifice

Land Mines – Joker, Growth, Landmine, Typhoon/M. Wind, Hell/Critical

“I have Growth at least” – Growth, M. Wind, Ice, Infect/Iron, Crack

No Legendary: Ice, Infect, M. Wind, Iron, Sacrifice

Random Dice: PVP Defense Guide

You can earn rewards by playing one of two game variants. PVP mode and alliance mode are the two options available. You compete against other players from all over the world for trophies in the PVP mode. When you collect all the trophies, you’ll be rewarded with legendary dice, rare dice, diamonds, and other valuable items. You and another player play together in alliance mode to vanquish the waves. The more waves you clear, the more cards you get. These cards are required to open the card box; which contains gold coins, dice, etc.

You roll the dice to demolish the opponent tower or pass it three times. You’ll need SP to make the dice. Furthermore, you get free SP at the start of the battle. You can spend it to manufacture Dice on the board. Moreover, you can earn additional SP by defeating the enemy’s dice. SP can also be used to raise the Dice’s level.

To protect the tower, your dice will attack the enemy’s dice once the combat begins. Your dice will also roll to the enemy’s side, destroying the tower. While your dice army attacks from the upper-right corner, the enemy’s die army rallies from the bottom-left corner.

Your objective is to defend your side and destroy the enemy’s side.

Random Dice: PVP Tips & Tricks

1.) Read The Dice Details

Every Dice in the game has a unique ability. To examine the specifics, go to the Dice tab and press on it. You may examine the card’s type in the information tab; aid or attack. The help type dice do not attack the dice themselves; instead, they buff or debuff foes. Ice Dice, for example, is a form of help Dice that reduces the target’s speed. Please note that the attack speed of Wind Dice is the fastest.

2.) Upgrade The Dice

Dice Cards can be obtained via card boxes and retail deals. The Dice Cards are used to improve the dice. You may see the number of duplicate cards you need to upgrade under the Dice tab, at the bottom of a card. For instance, if it’s 0/4, it indicates you’ll need 4 duplicate cards.

3.) Spend The SP Wisely

Managing the SP during the battle is one of the most difficult challenges. It can be used to either level up a Die or create new Dice. We propose that you spend SP on making the cards first. Then upgrade them once you have enough or a special attack card with a high level (which you can get through merging). For example – If you get 4-number Red Dice via merging, you should spend SP on upgrading the Red/Fire Dice, instead of leveling up other low-level Dice.

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