Ragnarok X Next Generation Tier List (Best Classes)

Ragnarok X Next Generation is finally released globally. Here I will show you, Ragnarok X Next Generation Tier List because the tier list is the best way to start off your journey in Ragnarok X Next Generation.

With some help from our Ragnarok X Next Generation Tier List, you will soon know exactly which characters to use in every situation. It’s worth noting that rankings are likely to change frequently with any balance updates and new characters, so make sure you check back here frequently to stay in the know.

Without any further delay, let’s get into our Ragnarok X Next Generation Tier List.

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Ragnarok X Next Generation Tier List

To keep this simple and short, I have listed only the best classes present in Ragnarok X: Next Generation mobile game. So, Ragnarok X: Next Generation has six unique classes, and each class can have two sub-classes, mostly Archetypes like RPG games.


In most games, this is the traditional damage-dealing class, with a well-balanced attack and defense. Also having a strong early game and faster clear times. To begin with, swordsmen are the most approachable class when you start playing this game. A swordsman can become a fearless leader to others by utilizing strong physical attacks, defense, and a sense of command. They have access to the most powerful armors in the game, which allows them to defend the peace.

Swordsmen should be built with agility because they have a high AS, a short CD, and some support capabilities. They are single-target DPS that can also be built in the tank style. They are permitted to use fire as their element of choice. Their preferred opponents are an undead and a single monster with a high XP level.

Moreover, Swordsman can wield both 2-H and 1-H swords (with shield). That can be upgraded with ATK SPD and PHY ATK, with the 1-H also being able to upgrade PHY PEN. They can also wield 2-H spears, which can be improved with the PHY ATK stat and the Haste ability.


The Slash skill deals PHY damage and can be used again after killing an enemy within 10 seconds. Also, strength is also recommended for Assassin, as you won’t need as much agility or luck because cards will give you that boost. This will result in as much DD power as possible. Their Sonic Skill deals PHY DMG and has a chance to stun the enemy easily.

While Shadowless fangs can deal more damage while in Stealth, which also has a stun chance. Poison damage can be dealt by Hidden Weaponry over time. Detoxify heals allies who have taken poison damage. When equipped with a dagger in your right hand, Right-hand Master increases ATK by (8 + 5% of DEX).


Knight is primarily used as a tank and is pumped with VIT Knight, who excels in defense. It has high mobility and can pull aggro and same time functions as the overall tank. It can pull Monsters and deals damage by stunning them. Whereas, Sting Attack can only be used if equipped with a spear and unleashes a barrage of attacks. Spear Stab deals damage while knocking back enemies in a rectangle in front of the Knight.

Another skill is counter, which causes the Knight to enter the Counter state and gain a shield that absorbs up to 6% of Max HP for 5 seconds. When the shield expires, it deals Neutral physical damage to all enemy units within 3 meters, equal to 4.4 percent of Max HP.

The Knight can also charge towards a distant enemy (cannot be silenced once the charge begins), dealing non-elemental physical DMG to enemies in a rectangle and stunning them for 2 seconds. Once this skill is equipped, you can fine-tune the cast level.


In this Ragnarok X Next Generation Tier List, we have added them after Knight because they are the support class. They specialize in assisting teammates and, as a result, lean toward assisting their allies. They train to be selfless and devoted individuals who want to help everyone they meet. Furthermore, they are effective against Shadow and undead monsters.

Acolytes are a support and healer class with the Holy element. In instances, they are known as Exorcists because they can remove negative effects from allies while inflicting debuffs on enemies. Acolytes can wield 1-H rods that can be upgraded to improve MAG ATK and MAG DEF PEN, as well as maces that can be upgraded to improve PHY ATK and ATK SPD.

Books can be upgraded to increase MAG ATK and provide the ability Haste for casting skills to help allies and deal damage to enemies.


They are geared toward pure supportive Acolytes and provide healing to other classes as well as buffs to boost their stats. This is done in order to fight dangerous monsters in the dungeon. Priests can be promoted to the rank of High Priest. Priest’s abilities include Hall of Glory, which performs AOE healing for you and your allies, and Holy Water, which increases a partner’s holy damage.

Furthermore, an Ode to Luck boosts the luck of all party members. Zen boosts SP Regen, recovering (0.1 percent of Max SP + 2) SP every 10 seconds and increasing the effectiveness of SP recovery items by 5%. Kukre for +120 Haste, Piere for a 6% MAG ATK boost, and Sasquatch for a 12% HP boost can help in keeping the Priest alive during fights.


Mages wield magic and use devastating spells to deal damage to their enemies from a distance. They are well-known for dealing massive AOE magic damage to enemies. Mages rely on their abilities to deal the majority of their damage. The only issue with Mages is that they have fixed cast times, so DPS may appear slow at first when compared to other classes. Mages’ CC abilities, on the other hand, are crucial in PVP and instances.

Mages, like Acolytes, can wield 1-H rods with the same upgraded stats. But they can also wield 2-H rods, unlike Acolytes, who can upgrade to MAG ATK stat and provide Haste ability.

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