Mega Champions Tier List-Best Characters 2021

Hello gamers, welcome to the unofficial Mega Champions Tier List/Mega Legends Tier List where I rank the characters from high to low tier list. I am also sharing detailed information about their skills and their in-game roles. So Mega Champions Idle Adventure mobile game is a new gacha idle RPG for mobile and is developed by Perfect World Games.

Furthermore, you are tasked to build a squad of top Mega Champions tier list of heroes that can smash down the enemies in PvE and PvP game modes. Free your hands and take your gaze away from the mobile screen.

Mega Champions provides a brand-new gaming experience that can be enjoyed even when you are not present. So gather your friends and join the battle.

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Mega Champions Tier List

This tier list provides an overview of the best Mega Champions characters available in the game. Furthermore, there are a few characters who work exceptionally well on any team and are guaranteed to help you win quickly.

Mega Champions Tier List

Without further ado, here’s the updated version of the Mega Champions Tier List (Mega Legends Best Characters) currently in the game.

Mega Champions Tier List GOD Characters

The no-argument team, every hero on this list has the fewest flaws and more on their strengths.

  • Nina
  • Doragon
  • Tariq
  • Melody
  • Shawn
  • Marshall

Just in case you don’t know, Nina is the most beautiful and the best support character in the game. 

Nina – Best Supporter (4.6/5)


  • Nina will cast spells on your allied heroes giving them the ability to attack faster. (varies per skill level)
  • Increases your healing rate while reducing the enemy’s movement speed. (varies per skill level)
  • Teleports the most injured hero by her side giving it another chance of healing and get ready for battle.


  • She’s not the toughest supporter out there, can be easily killed if left unprotected by tanks or targeted by enemy’s assassins.

Doragon – Lightning & Clutch (4.8/5)


  • Upon being added after the Open Beta Release, he took the game by storm. (No pun intended)
  • Dealing more than a decent amount of damage to a nearby enemy four times at his ult. He has the ability to steal health from the enemy, which increases his attack rate randomly.
  • Getting his fourth skill would boost his damage more than you imagine. 


  • During the casting of his second skill, he charges his hammer and leaves him open for all attacks.
  • It can be slightly fragile if not strengthen properly.

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Tariq – Out of Nowhere Savior (4.6/5)


  • He himself isn’t that great of a damage dealer, but with the ability to make an illusion of your enemy with his ULT.
  • Not much player pay attention to him since he’s not a mythic tier hero but you can certainly count on him.
  • The product of his ULT will certainly prove his worth to your roster.


  • Easy to kill. Literally easy to kill.
  • Be sure to keep him tough enough to at least cast his ULT before he dies.

Melody – Healing God (4.6/5)


  • Heals your heroes for more rounds of battle.
  • Casts shields for your allied hero with the lowest health which saves them from sure death.
  • Deals decent damage for support, a certain requirement for your team.


  • The damage skill that she owned is quite large. But when she brings out the ultimate, the impact of her skills will also hit her teammates.
  • Dies easily if not properly guarded but sometimes heal herself which saves her some time to support your team more.
  • Sometimes cast her ULT at the wrong place, just try the stage again if you died because of this error.
  • Try and try if you feel you can win.

Shawn – Best Tank (4.9/5)


  • Best tank. Should I say anything else?
  • Deals damage while holding off your enemies.
  • His ULT can pretty much reach anyone on the map, its range is much larger than Doragon’s
  • Just make sure to add him to your Mega Legends tier list team if you have him.
  • Prioritize him as your main tank and you can reach higher levels.


  • There actually isn’t.

Marshall – Best gunner (4.2/5)


  • The damage he deals with is huge. And the ultimate can hit the three leading heroes and push the hero back.
  • His other skills also deal damage to almost all enemies randomly. he is also one of the heroes who is the fastest in launching his ultimate.
  • That’s why he’s very good at dealing damage to enemies both in the front line and behind. Marshall is a multi-target hero.
  • His ULT dealing more than 200% damage, which hits everyone on the way even if it is a solo target skill.
  • It targets the most injured enemy and decreases its movement speed. (Varies per skill level)
  • Increase the allies’ critical rate by 30% up. (Varies per skill level)


  • Can sometimes die before dealing enough damage, but if his skills are cast before dying, he did his part.
  • Be sure to upgrade his items, that will boost his damage more if he’s not dealing enough damage.

That is my take on the Mega Champions tier list of the best characters as well as the skills and damage range of characters in the game. If you have any input or suggestions for this tier list, feel free to share them with me on the contact section page.


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