Best Rush Royale Shaman Deck 2021

Hello everyone, and welcome to my website Ps4Haber. Your one-and-only source for the latest and best mobile gaming guides and updates. So today I’ve got some very special topics for you, and they’re some of the most frequently asked questions in the community. The question is what is the best Rush Royale Shaman deck in 2021. 

So I frequently see people being pissed off by the best Rush Royale Shaman deck kicking their ass. Well, I actually see it as a challenge to win from Shaman decks. In case you don’t know, the game is freely up for grabs on Apple Appstore and Google Playstore.

Furthermore, the developers of Rush Royale have created and have recently introduced a new clan update as I write this post. We’ve already seen some changes, such as the addition of new abilities, character balancing, and even new characters. So today I am going to show you my best Rush Royale Shaman deck.

Stick around till the end as I will also give you my secret advice on how to counter Shaman deck in case you are up against one.

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Without any further ado, sit tight and let us get started with our today’s agenda.

Best Rush Royale Shaman Deck

Best Rush Royale Shaman Deck

The best Rush Royale deck can assist you in climbing the ranks. If you’re a newer player, you may or may not have a lot of legendary Rush Royale cards. The most important thing you almost need for every single deck is variation. As a result, your best Rush Royale Shaman deck can include a variety of cards.

My favorite cards to have in your Shaman deck are like Summoner, Shaman, Thunderer, Harlequin, and Mime.

Rush Royale Shaman Deck

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Shaman Deck Strategy

This deck is one of the most dangerous decks under the best Rush Royale Shaman deck. In the early game, you should not merge your Shaman with other cards like Mime. Instead, build your board with a 2-3 rank Thunderer and just try to hit rank-2 cards on the opponent’s board as quickly as possible. You must always use Summoner and Harlequin to your own advantage.

Always try to merge a Harlequin with a Summoner before merging two summoners because merging two summoners summons a random unit to a free tile. Always save your Mime for Shaman because Mime can be merged with any other unit of the same merging rank. Also, you should most of the time must merge rank 1 mime with rank 1 Shaman only.

Moreover, there’s Thunderer which is Rush Royale’s most powerful card as of now. He’ll be the main villain and your opponent will be having a tough time going against it. Then we have the Most Powerful card of Rush Royale, Thunderer. This guy will be the main win condition in your Rush Royale Shaman deck, higher rank thunderer hits, and extra target with chain lightning.

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How to Counter Shaman Deck

Let’s say you are having a deck with the following Rush Royale cards Boreas, Bombardier, Chemist, Vampire, and Dryad.

I do not immediately discard my four cards at the start of the battle. I dump one card, and if it’s a card I’m willing to lose, I just leave one card in my deck. I consider it a win when my opponent has a shaman bombing opportunity and bombs my one card. Bombardier, Chemist, and Dryad are three cards I’m willing to lose at the start.

You can read the complete in-depth guide on the following page – how to counter the Shaman deck. So those are the main components that you are going to need for your best Rush Royale Shaman deck.

That is all for today from your girl Dr Saiko.

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