Best Rush Royale Arena 4 Deck (Beginner Deck Rush Royale)

Hey, what’s going on everybody, welcome to Your only platform for the best mobile gaming guides. So today I have got very special topics for you and it one of the most commonly asked questions in the community. The question is what are the Best Rush Royale Arena 4 Deck.

The game is freely up for grabs on Apple Appstore and Google Playstore. Moreover, after the developers have come up with and also are coming up with new updates as I write this post. We have already seen some changes with the introduction of new abilities and the character balancing and even the new characters. So today I am going to show you my Best Rush Royale Arena 4 Deck.

Without any further ado, sit tight and let us get started with our today’s agenda of Best Rush Royale Arena 4 Deck.

Best Rush Royale Arena 4 Deck

Best Rush Royale Arena 4 Deck

The Rush Royale decks can help you climb the ladder if you’re a newer player. Also, you most probably won’t have many Rush Royale legendary cards. The most vital thing that you need for every single deck is to have variations. So that you can include a variety of best rush royale cards in your rush royale best deck arena 4.

Rush Royale Best Deck Arena 4

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Best Rush Royale Beginner Deck

First Best Rush Royale Card

To start with the First Thing that you will need is an aoe card. As you can see in the image above I am using Plague Doctor for that purpose. If you don’t have that there are other aoe cards available like Lightning Mage is probably a good start as everybody owns it. There is also a Fire Mage that can put a lot of aoe damage as well.

Second Best Rush Royale Card

After that, the Second Thing you will be going to need is a card that does consistent DPS. Now, Boreas is a legendary card that a lot of people probably won’t have. However, there are other variations as always like Archer which is definitely the one everybody owns and it does deal some consistent damage.

Instead of Archer if you have got a Sentry which is obviously a rare card so you might not have it. However, if you do have this then definitely play it instead of the Archer Rush Royale best deck Arena 4.

Moreover, if you have also got a Wind Archer which is another kind of more difficult card to acquire. But it is definitely the second-best Rush Royale card as compared to Boreas to have in your best Rush Royale beginner deck collection.

Third Best Rush Royale Card

Now the Third Thing that you are going to need is some sort of crowd control Rush Royale card. I use the Cold Mage as he is available for everybody. There are some other options you can include like the Bombardier.

It is definitely a card that a lot of people like to include in the best Rush Royale Arena 4 deck. It has a chance to stun the target however the stun chance is fairly low. I personally do not use the bombardier just because it does not fit my playstyle.

Also, there is a legendary card that is definitely better if you do have it. It is called Frost, this is a good crowd control card to have in your deck but unfortunately, most of us do not own him when starting out.

Fourth Best Rush Royale Card

The Fourth Thing that you are going to need is some mana card so I use the vampire and if you have the Vampire, I suggest you use it. I think it is by far the best mana card in the deck that you can use. However, if you don’t have it there are some other options like the Cauldron which you can use and you’ve also got the Priestess which is available for you to use. I do not think she is terrible but it is not a playstyle I enjoy.

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Fifth Best Rush Royale Card

Lastly, the Fifth Thing that you will be going to need is a bit of a flex card. It is up to you but I use Engineer and I think it is another consistent damage card. But it’s really kind of up to you what you want to include in your Rush Royale best deck Arena 4. There are some cards like Banner and if you get lucky you know it increases attack speed which is going to work really well for Boris.

So those are the main components that you are going to need for all of your best Rush Royale decks.

That is all for today from your girl Dr Saiko.

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