Best Clash Royale Rascals Deck 2021 (Arena 12 Deck)

Looking for the best Clash Royale Rascals deck 2021? You have come to the right place. Supercell has announced a new Arena along with some character balance updates that will come out in the month of June. Moreover, Rascals will be one of those cards that will see upgrades and improvements. As a result, many players are asking for the best Clash Royale Rascals deck 2021 for Arena 12.

Here are the best rascals decks in Clash Royale 2021. You can also use them for upcoming Clash Royale challenges and tournaments.

Best Clash Royale Rascals Deck 2021

Best Clash Royale Rascals Deck 2021

Without further ado, let us get started with the latest Clash Royale Rascals deck 2021.

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Giant 3M Rascals Deck

Giant 3M Rascals Deck

The Rascals are included as secondary support in case you don’t have the elixir for the Three Musketeers. Rascals are put behind the Giant in this classic Giant Three Musketeers deck. Fortunately, because this deck contains so many solid defensive counters for you to use.

The Rascals can be used as a versatile card, acting on offence or defence. Without one or two elixir troops, you’ll have to rely heavily on defence. This means the Rascals may end up doing some damage to the tower.

Hog Cycle Rascals Deck

Hog Cycle rascals Deck

In theory, the rascals should fit right in this Clash Royale Rascals deck. It is a low-cost hog deck, with the rascals being the most expensive card in the deck. This makes them an excellent “blocker” card, capable of killing hogs before they reach the tower.

After the defence, as the rascals turn toward the enemy tower, try to drop a hog in front of them. As a result, this will turn into a solid 9 elixir push that will be difficult to stop in the absence of the log. You can also drop the musketeer or ice spirit with the hog.

Best Clash Royale Rascals Deck 2021 (Arena 13+)

Best Clash Royale Arena 13+ Deck

This Prince Rascals deck is very good for Arena 13 and Arena 14 players, You can replace Firecracker with Dart Goblin. In this Prince Rascals deck, we have Goblin as the main damage dealer and Firecracker, Prince and Rascals will provide you support.

Early game you can start out the match with a Princess behind your king tower or you can also cycle Goblin Gang at the bridge. Don’t play your prince until you know what your opponent is playing in case you need him for defence.

If they start out with an aggressive hog rider then you can use play goblin gang to counter the hog. Try to always get chip damage throughout the match with your spells and troops like Goblin Gang, Goblin Barrel because it will increase your win rate.

I wouldn’t recommend playing Rascals on the ladder yet, or at least not until you have upgraded them to an acceptable level for your trophy count. These decks should be able to help you push up and win challenges easily. 

That is my take on the list of the best Clash Royale Rascals deck 2021. If you have any input or suggestions for this list, feel free to share them with me on the contact section page.


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