Best Clash Royale Goblin Drill Deck 2021

Hi all, and welcome back to another guide from So today’s question is about the Best Clash Royale Goblin Drill Deck 2021. This is a card that was recently introduced in the June update. The Goblin Drill deck can be used both in daily challenges as well as in 2V2 mode for quick gameplay improvements.

Moreover, a lot of people are asking, what is the best Clash Royale Goblin Drill Deck 2021 in the current meta? It is also now the Reddit community’s most frequently asked question.

Without further ado, here’s the goblin drill deck that you all were waiting for.

Best Clash Royale Goblin Drill Deck 2021

Rocket Defense & Attack
Goblin DrillAttack & Pressure
Goblin GangDefense & Chip DMG
Ice SpiritSupport

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Goblin Drill Deck Strategy

Best Clash Royale Goblin Drill Deck 2021

Princess – The princess will be your defence card and try to have 2-3 princesses in the arena if possible. Always protect her from troops, as this may force a spell from your opponent’s cycle. On defence, you should use her long range to your advantage by playing behind your towers. Let her go against the graveyard, or in the opposite lane against a giant, hound, balloon, and so on. You can sometimes use Princess to get chip damage, but this is only recommended if you only have a few hundred damages left.

Log – Log is very good for wiping out the princess and small units in the game. It can also be used to help you cycle through the deck faster to get back to the cards you need. This card will be used to defend against skeleton barrels, goblin barrels, and princesses, as well as to chip away at support cards behind a heavy tank.

Goblin Drill – Goblin Drill is a new card, and I’ll just say that it’s a great card to use to apply pressure when your opponent has either over-committed or under-committed. When using this card, make it difficult for your opponent to predict where he will appear. This guy can also play defence.

Tesla – Tesla is your main defensive unit in this deck, and it should always be backed up by the Princess or Knight. If you’re up against a Mortar or Xbow deck. You can use this card at the bridge to hit their X-bow or mortar while killing their defensive troops with the Princess.

Knight – This card serves as the deck’s main tank unit. You can use it both defensively and offensively. In Counter Push, you’ll mostly use him with Goblin Drill.

Rocket – Rocket is your main spell, and it works well against Sparky, Witch, and other cards. Try to use this card to make positive elixir trades on defence while also supporting your offensive units.

Goblin Gang – There isn’t much to say about these guys. You just need to use them for cycling your cards and in defence. Also, you can use them to stop Prince’s charge.

Ice Spirit – This is your support card. It can be used with Goblin Drill and in defence of freezing opponent cards.

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