5 Alchemy Stars Characters (Web Gacha Event Guide)

Hello gamers, welcome back to another game guide by your girl Dr Saiko. Are you looking for the best Alchemy Stars Characters for the Web Gacha Event? If yes, then you are at the right place!

Use the best Alchemy Stars Characters in order to make this beautiful game more enjoyable for you. Without further ado, here is the list of best Alchemy Stars Characters along with their abilities and powers.

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The overall ain theme of the game is based on an ancient story. The superpower forces collide with each other but you have to harness the power of the Light to save the world from darkness. For this, I will put more emphasis on characters that can be used for the PreLaunch Web Gacha Event Guide.


Alchemy Stars Characters

Best Alchemy Stars Characters

1. ODI

She is a support card (Atk 2221, Def 751, Hp 5877)

I would say Odi is objectively one of the strongest Alchemy Stars Characters here and can be decent of the colour captain. Her stats are below average however she has strong abilities. Her active skill is 400% damage to the 3 surround circles and inflicts slow for 2 rounds (causes enemies to move half as many tiles). As well as 2 stacks of poison for 2 rounds (does 1% of Max Hp per stack per round) with a 4 CD. In addition, her chain combo skill does damage in 3 columns which is desirable for focusing bosses and large enemies. It also inflicts 1 stack poison for 2 rounds.

Her passive allows each of her Normal attacks (triggers when you move adjacent to the 4 sides of a square containing an enemy) to have a 70% stacking 1 poison for 2 rounds (an enemy can only have up to 5 stacks of poison). Her first dupe reduces the cd of the active skill by 1.

Overall she would be a good pick for any general Alchemy Stars Characters green team as a DPS. Moreover, she would be a staple in any green poison synergy team (lacking in synergies currently but the debuff is strong already).

2. Leona

She is a Red Sniper (Atk 2488, Def 866, Hp 6914)

Leona has the same active skill as Vice. Her ratio is a bit lower than Vice but her base stats are above average so it even out. To get the most out of this ability which triggers 6 times plus an additional time per red tile around Leona (in a diamond pattern) you need to run a few rounds of Converter (tile changers) which you should be doing anyway. At max, this ability will trigger 6+12 for 18 times each for 90% which results in a 1620% damage ratio. The ability will spread these triggers randomly between all enemies (might not hit some enemies at all) with 3 CD. As a result, this becomes useful for killing straggling enemies or focusing down a boss.

Her chain Combo at max is a splatter (2 tiles in 8 cardinal directions) which increase by 5% per stack of burning on enemies. This shape is mediocre, alright for hitting scattered enemies. Her passive allows her normal attack to have a 50% chance to deal 50% more damage and apply 1 stack of burning for 2 rounds (1% of current Hp with 5 stacks max).

Her first dupe makes her Active skill preemptive meaning you can use it right away at the start of a battle. Additionally, her overall ability makes her a decent pick for a fire team and a solid pick for a burn synergy team (6* Uriel grants 2.5% damage buff to red character per stack of burning).

3. Vivian

Vivian is a Yellow/Blue Sniper (Atk 2255, Def 829, Hp 7120)

She is a more support orientated character with her abilities along with her Atk being below average. Her active skill does 320% damage to enemies within 3 surrounding circles. Converts 1 tile underneath an enemy to yellow and lower chain combo requirement by 1 for that round. This skill has a cooldown of 3 CD. There’s a lot here to unpack, the damage while lower than Odi’s is still pretty decent. Converting 1 enemy tile to yellow is still an extra tile you could use though it might be tricky. Also, it does synergize with Dayna’s passive that allows damage to all enemies occupying yellow to be increased by 9%.

The chain combo counter reduction is slightly nice but kinda hard to optimally use. It might increase a few % of damage here or there. Overall, it feels like a mixed bag with nothing that stands out greatly. Her one chain combo at max hits 5 enemies within the 3 surrounding circles for 160% each. Now, this requires a bit of position but overall is pretty good but it’s per enemy so in a boss fight it will hit that boss only once which a big downside. But, her passive gives 6% of Vivian’s Atk to blue, yellow and Illumina (her faction) character for 2 rounds when chain combos deal damage to all enemies.

This buff is alright, boosting team damage maybe by 5-6% but really it seems to be compensating for Vivian’s own weakness and might be hard to trigger initially. Moreover, her first dupe makes her active skill preemptive which is nice though you might still delay it by around since enemies start out pretty spread out.

Overall, I don’t think she is as strong as the previous 2 but still a decent pick for a yellow team.

4. Robyn

She is a Green/Yellow Detonator (Atk 2561, Def 909, Hp 6992)

Robyn stats are actually very high. Her active ability is a 13 tile targetable diamond that does 260% per tile as well as converts 1 enemy tile to enhanced with a 3 CD. This ability is pretty good for killing bosses and larger enemies though I would say not critical. The enhanced tile counts as 2 tiles for chain combos which is handy but it is going to be a random colour. So you might need to use another unit to reset it to the colour you want. It also has a similar problem of being tricky to use effectively. Furthermore, her max chain combo ability hits enemies in the 2 surrounding circles which is a bit better than Leona’s chain combo but is still only average.

Her passive is the same as Dayna’s being 9% damage to enemy occupying green tiles. However, this in itself can be tricky to trigger for smaller enemies. Moreover, if you use a converter to paint their tiles green you are losing out on the ability to use those tiles for a combo this round which is not ideal either. Her first dupe (which you can’t get for 6 months: vice this:) turnstiles with enemies with her active to green. As a result, this synergizes well with her passive and makes it less situational and along with making her a decent converter, if only you could get it.

Overall the weakness of her combo and the situational passive weighs her down. I would say this Alchemy Stars Characters list will still include her, just not very high on the list.

5. Noah

She is a Blue Support (Atk 2418, Def 697, Hp 7221)

Noah has overall above pretty good stats with her defence being weaker. Let’s talk about her chain combo first which is 3 rows at max. This is similar to 3 columns but actually worse because most enemies are placed vertically from you more than horizontal. But I’d say it’s still pretty good since you can just adapt and line up your skills a bit differently. Additionally, her active skill gives her team a shield for 1 turn scaling from each blue tile present on the board giving 10% of Noah’s Hp capping at 200%.

Also, this increases her defence by 50% for 1 turn and has a 3 CD. This ability is actually really mediocre because it only lasts 1 turn. Meanwhile, her passive does work to counteract it by healing for 30% of the remaining shield when it expires. By turn 3 the board likely will not have many blue tiles remaining if you are running a mono-blue team even if you use multiple converters. Also, most with 3 CDs can only paint 4-5 and you might have 15 blue tiles only. If you have a dupe of her this ability is preemptive. But if you use it around 1 you would already be in full health. So you miss out on the healing part and most enemies start rather far away.

Then round two, you would just be pummeled by enemies because the gap closed in 2 rounds. Let’s say you actually line the skills up in an ideal situation, that’s 200% of 7221 or ~14000. Let’s say you take 20% damage of an average team’s hp that round and the previous round which is about 6500. That’s 7500 shields remaining which heals 2250 which is about 7% hp. Basically, Noah is almost entirely a healer/shielder. She can only cover damage for the team for 1 out every 4 rounds and while not doing meaningful healing.

Meanwhile, we have other blue Alchemy Stars characters like 5* Philyshy that can heal your team properly or you can reroll for 6* Raphael who is one of the best characters in the game.

I hope you guys liked this best Alchemy Stars Character list guide. I highly recommend you to bookmark this webpage and be the first to know when there are any upcoming and latest Alchemy Stars updates.

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